Free Wedding Budget Calculator User Guide

Have you argued about the cost of your wedding? Do you worry about exceeding your wedding budget? Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all your expenses and the remaining portion of your budget?

The wedding budget is a difficult topic because couples usually want the 'perfect' wedding. However, the 'perfect' wedding usually costs much more than couples have to spend. It helps a lot if you can see expenses in front of you and how they track against your total wedding budget.

To help our clients, we have created a Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet for you to download. 

The Bridal Blue Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet is easy to use. You only need to:

1. Sign-up to our mailing list - the pop-up that you probably closed ;-) - or the sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

2. Download the spreadsheet from the Dropbox link that gets emailed to you automatically after sign-up. NOTE: you do NOT need a Dropbox account to download the spreadsheet.

Bridal Blue Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Download Screenshot 1

3. Open the spreadsheet and enter your desired wedding budget.

Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Screenshot 2

4. Enter details of your expenses in the columns under the arrows.

Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Screenshot 3

5. That's it - everything else calculates automatically.

We have locked down the formulas in the spreadsheet to ensure that it works for everyone and to avoid having clients edit formulas and break the spreadsheet.

Of course, you can always contact us at if you need help with the spreadsheet.


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