Wedding Budget Tips: 6 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Photos and Videos

February 10, 2017

Wedding Budget Tips: 6 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Photos and Videos

Reliving a wedding day with friends and family by watching the video and looking through photos is priceless.

Everyone recalls details from the occasion such as what they ate, what they wore, the highs and the lows. So most brides consider it essential to have photos and videos of their wedding day (which is why we recommend adding both to your wedding checklist).

It can be tricky to find a good wedding photographer/videographer, let alone a good one at a price that won't consume a large portion of your wedding budget. However, there are ways to save.

Here are 6 ways to save on your wedding photos and videos while picking a good wedding photographer/videographer: 

1. Shop around 

We probably sound like a broken record with this point, however, when looking for a supplier for your wedding photos and videos, make sure you shop around!

There are many different providers advertising on different websites. For example, try Gumtree or Craigslist, and of course Google.

Don’t choose the first person you see, take your time and get at least three different quotes. Also, try not to make an emotional decision. This is the best way to ensure your wedding photos and videos don't consume too much of your wedding budget. 

2. Choose a supplier who offers wedding photography and videography packages 

Yes, you can choose professionals to take care of wedding photos and videos separately; however, this can be an expensive option (although it does have it’s benefits – specialists can produce some amazing work).

Many suppliers now provide a cheaper alternative in the form of a combined wedding photography and videography package. Choosing one of these packages could free up some of your wedding budget for other items on your wedding checklistor you could use the money you save to add new items to your wedding checklist. 

3. Find a new-starter 

You can free up some of your wedding budget and still have great wedding photos and videos by seeking out someone who is establishing their own business.

New-starters want to build their work portfolio of wedding photography and videography. Many of them seek to build their portfolio by giving discounts to their first few clients (some even provide free engagement shoots) to attract business, and you could take advantage of this. So consider adding a new-starter to your wedding checklist.

You can search on classifieds websites as new-starters are often actively chasing their new clients.

A very important point with new-starters – you absolutely have to see whatever previous work they’ve done (whatever it is). For example, sometimes they have samples from when they worked as aides for other wedding photographers and videographers.  

4. Ask for samples of previous work 

We touched on this in point 3, but it’s important enough to repeat: ask for samples of previous work. This is crucial as the last thing you want is wedding photos or videos you aren’t happy with – especially if you could have realised they wouldn’t be good by looking at a sample. 

5. Post an ad in the classifieds 

We’ve mentioned classifieds a couple of times already. Well, we’ll mention them again – but this time we are recommending that you post an ad on the classifieds. That’s right – you could effectively put out a buyer's request and let the wedding photo and video experts come to you with quotes.

You can then decide which is best while not sacrificing too much of your wedding budget.

This can be a very efficient way of finding an expert. 

6. Get a friend or family member to do it 

It seems that almost everyone knows someone that is an amateur photographer or videographer.

Take advantage of this and ask your friends or family to do the photos and videos at your wedding (many people would consider it an honour to be part of their loved one’s wedding day).

However, be careful – sometimes business can get in the way of relationships. So make sure your expectations are clearly communicated in order to avoid getting a bad product that could strain a friendship.

Most importantly, keep your expectations realistic as the friend or family member is doing you a favour. 

If you want professional wedding photos and videos, you may just have to pay a professional. Sometimes it is better to consume more of your wedding budget if you have high expectations. 

7. You generally get what you pay for 

Yes, we know we said we had 6 tips, but we’re throwing in an extra tip to help you out.

This one is kind of obvious but you might forget under the stress of planning your wedding. The extra tip is… you often get what you pay for.

Cheap prices can sometimes mean bad wedding photos and videos.

Take my husband and I for example. We paid peanuts for our wedding video - and the quality was very bad. And by very bad, picture this... 

Our bridal party was entering the church.  The microphone waplaced in a poor position. The position was so poor that the voices from the groom’s parents drowned out the bridal procession music. Talk about overshadowing a special moment!

In hindsight, it was so funny that we have provided a snippet for your entertainment below. 

On the other hand, we paid a higher price for our wedding photos (because it was high quality photos that we wanted to begin with) and we received amazing wedding photography. Though keep in mind that we used a new-starter for the wedding photos who was building his portfolio (as recommended in point 3) so the price wasn't that high.  

We think that’s enough information to get you started. Keep these points in mind while you look for your wedding photographer and videographer, and remember to shop around and take your time. 

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